Jun 16, 2022

What is Computational Engineering - A Brief Overview

My main degree is in Mechanical Engineering, but I am often asked questions about my MSc studies in Computational Engineering in particular. Some examples are: "Oh, so your MSc was in Computer Science?" "What's the difference between your MSc and Com...

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Jun 13, 2022

Mirroring a Ubuntu desktop using SSH and VNC (and dealing with the login screen)

A common problem when remotely connecting to PCs on different networks is that various remote desktop software packages are blocked due to security risks. A nice way to replicate the functionality of these packages when connecting to Linux-based syste...

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Dec 16, 2021

Poiseuille flow MATLAB code added!

I have added a nice MATLAB code for generating Poiseuille flow profiles for non-circular cross sections in the Codes section. Check it out! Hopefully this helps for those trying to implement the algorithm in MATLAB or other languages.